TxDOT – Hardeman County Safety Rest Area

Hardeman County, Texas

Located five miles east of Quanah, Texas, this site has a panoramic view of Medicine Mound, a historic religious site for the native Comanche Indians. An agrarian architectural theme compliments the history and culture of the surrounding area. The tower feature is reminiscent of the local grain silos. The design incorporates educational and interactive exhibit areas, storm shelters, Department of Public Safety Offices, vending areas, restrooms, and support areas.

The primary goal of the project is to prevent road weariness and promote highway safety. Site amenities include private picnic arbors, walkway strolling paths around pond areas, and large secure playground areas. Heavy vehicle access and parking is separated from standard vehicle areas for safety. Storm drainage is collected into detention areas providing the pond-like rural setting. The average daily traffic volume potentially served by the safety rest area exceeds 15,000 vehicles per day, and materials selected provide ease of maintenance for heavy usage. The project won a 2005 Design Award from Metal Architecture Magazine.

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