Animal Services Center – City of Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, Texas

This new modern facility is approximately 12,000sf of enclosed space. The building is designed to replace out-of-date facilities and centralize the services provided by the Public Health Department’s Animal Control. The new facility houses a total of 46 kennels (36 reclaim/adoption, 10 quarantine) with future expansion capability of 18 more.  The construction was completed in January of 2011.

Other interior spaces include Cat Display and Play Areas, Exotics viewing, “Get-to-Know” Room, Surgery Suite, Isolation/Quarantine, Offices, Break Room, and plenty of storage. An integrated Sally-port provides security of transfer for animals as well as comfort during inclement weather. Interior display spaces provide full height storefront designs for ease of viewing.

Outdoor amenities include the “Get-to-Know” Courtyard with “Field-Turf” grass and Livestock holding pens.

In 2015, SLA was contracted to design the expansion to the facility due to need for more space to accommodate the city.  SLA completed this design in August of 2015.